Windows XP and Server 2008 File Servers

I recently migrated our Fileserver from an extremely old Windows 2003 virtual machine (that at one point was a physical machine) to a Server 2008R2 virtual machine.  Everything with the migration went awesome and without a hitch except for the part where Excel 2007 spreadsheets were taking a very long time to open all of a sudden for some users but not for others.  The users who were experiencing no issues were on Windows 7, users who were experiencing the issue were on Windows XP.

So, with the help of a consultant we use from time to time, here is the list of tweaks and changes we put together to apply to the Fileserver.  After these fixes were in place Windows XP desktops are experiencing no issues opening spreadsheets, and the consensus from users seems to indicate performance issues we had in the past with saving and refreshing spreadsheets are greatly improved.

  • Install MS KB 2567680 
  • Install Windows Server 2008R2 SP1
  • Disable Windows Firewall 
  • Disable IPv6 completely inside the Windows registry.
  • Disable ‘Network Threat Protection’ inside Symantec Endpoint Protection on this server.
  • Install MS hotfix 2194664 (
  • Disable TCP Chimney Offload (
  • Disable SMB 2.0 (