Quick Thoughts on a Mobile Phone Policy Rollout

I recently rolled out (with the support of the executive team) a Mobile Phone Policy outlining how we would handle new and existing phones, personal phone numbers on our corporate phone plan, who is eligible and who was responsible for what costs.

This was a much needed plan as everything was handled on a case by case basis, and there was no uniformity to how decisions were made and since I am now making those decisions, that wasn’t going to work for me.

The plan has been received well, except for the part where I did a poor job giving all the affected employees a heads up that it was coming.

I mistakenly assumed after talking to a few department managers and a few of the affected users that word about the purpose of the plan and it’s substance would gradually make it around since we are such a small company.

Well, lesson learned on that front, because that assumption turned out to be a massive failure.  There were quite a few people (including quite a few other department heads) who were “blindsided” by this policy, even though almost nothing was changing, it was just being written down for all to see.

So note to self:  Next time, send an email or schedule a quick meeting (or in one of our morning huddles) to let everyone know that change is coming.

Lesson Learned!