Unable to Connect to VMWARE View Desktop Through Security Gateway After Upgrade to 5.0

Upgraded my VMWARE environment to 5.0 this weekend, including all VMWARE View components.  Couldn’t have gone any smoother, except that externally, users were unable to connect using the client (either 4.6 or 5.0).  The desktop would attempt to load but after about 10 seconds would fail with the error “the connection to the remote computer ended”.

Come to find out, it was an easy fix, but VMWARE couldn’t explain to me how this happened during the upgrade. Somehow the settings on my Security Gateway were changed during the upgrade.

This is what my Security Gateway settings were set to inside the View 5.0 Manager:

The HTTP(S) Secure Tunnel URL was set to:

The PCOIP Secure Gateway was set to the internal IP address of the View Security server.

Changing these settings back to their original ones resolved the issue.  The person I spoke with at VMWARE Support is going to look into how these settings got changed during the upgrade process, because they certainly shouldn’t have been changed.