Remove vCenter Plugin That Is No Longer Installed

I had done a trial of the vKernel vOperations Suite, and it installs itself as a plugin for vCenter.  When the trial was finished and I uninstalled it, it was still being listed as available plugins in vCenter, but of course it couldn’t find it.  Below are instructions for how to remove a vCenter Plugin from this list after it has already been uninstalled but is still showing up.

Browse to http://vcenter_ip_or_servername/mob
Click Content
Click Extension Manager
In the Properties Pane, identify the values extension list that you are trying to delete.  Copy the information between the quotes.  As an example, if you had already uninstalled the VMWare Syslog from the vCenter Server, but it was still showing up in available plugins, you would copy the “com.vmware.syslog” string (without the quotes).

In the Methods Pane, click UnregisterExtension.  A new window will open.
In the Value field, copy and paste (or type) the string value without the quotes that you need to delete and then click Invoke Method.  Close the screen afterwards.
Refresh the Extension Manager screen and your plugin will be gone.
Close and reopen vCenter to verify that the plugin is no longer listed.