Creating Dynamic Groups in Operations Manager

We recently implemented the Systems Center suite and I volunteered to become the Operations Manager person.  To say the least it has been quite the learning experience so far.  I was trying to create a group with a dynamic membership using a regular expression and wasn’t having any luck so I posted on the System Center Central forums here and was able to resolve the issue.

Since the issue ended up being something really simple that showed my inexperience with Operations Manager I wanted to share it here.

We have VMWare Virtual Machines that are used by our work at home users.  These VM’s are created as needed and destroyed when a user logs off.  I wanted to override a monitor for all these VM’s because Operations Manager didn’t think they were shutting down properly and was throwing errors that we didn’t need to worry about.

I first tried to create a regular expression like this:

( Object is Windows Computer AND ( DNS Name Matches regular expression vdi[0123456789][0123456789] ) AND True )

But that didn’t return anything.   After an hour of googling I posted on the message boards and eventually got my answer as to what was wrong.




As this screenshot shows (and as Alexey pointed out in the forums) the VM’s were not being discovered as Windows Computers as I assumed they were.  If I looked under Windows Computers in SCOM they were not listed.  When I changed the rule to this, everything worked fine:

( Object is Veeam VMware AND ( Display Name Matches regular expression oma-vdi[0-9][0-9] ) AND True )

Important lesson learned!