Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) – Event ID 5004

Last night my VMM server crashed, with Ops Manager generating about 20 errors in less than a minute.  The System Center Virtual Machine Manager service had stopped, and could not be started again.  I looked in the event log Microsoft -> Virtual Machine Manager -> Server -> Operational and saw the following entries for every time the service had tried to start:


So I opened up the log file to take a look and see what it said.  At the very top were the following lines, with the important ones in bold.

————— Bucketing Parameters —————

SCVMM Version=3.2.7510.0
SCVMM flavor=C-RTL-AMD64
Default Assembly Version=3.2.7510.0
Executable Name=vmmservice.exe
Executable Version=3.2.7510.0
Base Exception Target Site=unknown
Base Exception Assembly name=unknown
Base Exception Method Name=unknown
Exception Message=Database operation failed.
Ensure that the SQL Server is running and configured correctly, and try the operation again.
Build bit-size=64

Well, that’s not good, although if something was really wrong with the SQL server I would have expected the other Systems Center components to have issues since their databases also share that same server.  So I go over to that server and try to connect to the VMM instance and get the following error.


Just to double check, I verify I can login to the other instances on the server with no problems.  The SQL Server (VMM) service is running, but as a troubleshooting step I restart it anyways.  After the service restart I can connect to the instance and browse the database.  Over on the VMM server I am able to start the System Center Virtual Machine Manager service with no problems.  Everything is now good to go.

Of course, now I just need to figure out why this happened.