PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Journey – Day 7

Yesterday I created a Configuration that I wanted a server to pull from my DSC Pull Server.  I left off without knowing whether it worked or not.

Well, it didn’t work.  Today we are going to figure out why.

The IP Address on DSCTEST-01 is still the IP pulled from DHCP.  After doing some Google searches attempting to figure out how to go about troubleshooting the issue, I sent a tweet to both Don Jones and Steven Murawski asking if they had any tips for figuring out what is going on.  Steven replied that I should grab the DSCDiagnostics module.  The community DSCDiagnostic resource is located here the Official Microsoft one is located here.  The official Microsoft one has the commands I will be using to troubleshoot the issue.

First, let’s run this command below.

Which gives us this output


Lots of failures!  Good!

Next command.  I picked Sequence 20 because it was a failure, there isn’t anything special about it.

Which gives us this interesting output.  Good to know this is how you can enable the Analytic and Debug logs for DSC on a remote server.


That’s wonderful, but we can’t see the message.  Let’s change that.

Alright, got some more information there.  First thing I try to do is browse to http://MYTARGETSERVER:8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc and see what happens.  Answer?  Nothing good.


It appears something is definitely wrong with the IIS site.  Attempting to browse that same site from the pull server gets the same error.  On the PSDSCPullServer IIS Website, if I browse *:8080 (http) I get this mess.


At the suggestion of Steven Murawski I attempt to run the Test-xDSCResource command.  Long story short, when you download the resources from Microsoft, make sure you unblock them before you extract or you will cause yourself unnecessary hardship.  I ran both of the following commands on the Pull Server

Ok.  Next command.

Then I ran the same command as above on the server that should be pulling the Configuration and got this.

I am pretty sure this says PUSH and not PULL because in trying to troubleshoot this I pushed a Configuration out to it just to make sure that would work.

I have started a thread over on PowerShell.org http://powershell.org/wp/forums/topic/dsc-pull-server-failure/#post-13716 to continue this troubleshooting.  It looks like the fact that my Pull Server is Server 2012 and not R2 is what is causing the issue.