PowerShell DSC Journey – Day 29

While working on some Demo scripts for a  presentation I am doing on DSC for the Infrastructure team I belong to at work, I ran into a couple of issues and figured I would blog about them.  I haven’t been publishing a lot of blogs lately because I am working on a series of posts about a little project I got myself into with DSC. Here is my Configuration that I am using to Demo with.

It’s just doing some really basic stuff to show some of the things that DSC can do. I randomly selected the Windows Features I am installing, which is where I ran into some issues.

Using the Trace-XDSCOperation cmdlet I then find this in the logs.

Also, since I included a log file for this Windows Feature in my Configuration, here is what a section of that log file contains.

There are a about 30 lines of that, with the progress getting up to 68 a couple of times before it fails and rolls back. Well, this issue appears pretty obvious. I believe it is looking for the Sources\SxS directory on the Server 2012 install media. And it’s telling me that I need to add that source to the Configuration. Can do! In my example I am using an attached DVD as the source, but ideally I think you would want to extract those files to a file server, and copy them over to the server so they are there for any future Windows Feature Configuration changes. Here is what my WindowsFeature PowerShell Resource now looks like.

And Voila!