Creating A WordPress Blog Site on Azure – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we created a WordPress site in Microsoft Azure.  In Part 2 we are going to setup a custom domain and configure the WordPress site.

When the App Service gets created it takes you to the overview page.  I was a little overwhelmed at all the configurations and services within the App Service and had no idea what to do.  So I figured I would just start with clicking the URL.

It must have been my lucky day because I guessed right and it took me directly to the WordPress configuration.

I am not going to cover the WordPress configuration as it is very straightforward to do and you can find plenty of guides out there if you need to.

The next thing to do is to add a custom domain.  You can see from the overview screenshot that the URL is currently .  This is great and all, but I want it to read .  I originally thought that maybe I could do some kind of domain name forwarding/masking from my registrar, but it turns out I was making things harder than they needed to be, because there is built in functionality for adding your own custom domain.

In your App Service click on Custom Domains.

Which will take you to a page that looks like this.

So, I figured all I needed to do was to point the @ record for my custom domain to that address and wait for the changes to propagate.  Easy enough right?  Wrong!

I click the Read More under option 1 and I get this information.  Which then takes me to this page.

I am not going to go step by step through those instructions because they are really good and there isn’t a single thing I needed to do that wasn’t included in those instructions.  When finished my Custom Domains section looks like this:

That’s it for Part 2.  In Part 3 I will cover adding a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to my website.