Exchange 2010 Database Rapidly Increases in Size

Situation: Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010 SP1 upgraded from Exchange 2003.  I should note that this upgrade occurred long before this issue happened.  The Exchange server is virtualized on VMWARE ESXi 5.0 Update 1. Problem: Thursday, May 31st, at midnight I received an alert that the Datastore my Exchange Database sits on was at

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Failed to Mount Exchange 2010 Database: An Active Manager Operation Failed

This is the error message I received on my Exchange 2010 SP1 Server when creating a new mailbox database:——————————————————–Microsoft Exchange Error——————————————————–Failed to mount database ‘DBNAME’.DBNAMEFailedError:Couldn’t mount the database that you specified. Specified database:  DBNAME; Error code: An Active Manager operation failed. Error: The database action failed. Error: Operation failed with message: MapiExceptionNotFound: Unable to mount

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VMWARE ESXi: How To Restart Management Agents

Command: restart This will issue a restart command to all the management agents and services on the host, as it processes you should see each one stopping and then being started. It is effectively the same as selecting the “restart management agents” option from the standard console.

Manually Load vMotion Modules in ESXi

Problem: For reasons that are still unknown and under investigation by VMWARE, several of my ESXi 5.0 hosts were not loading the vMotion modules even after multiple reboots. Solution: Run the following two commands from the shell:vmkload_mod -l | grep migratevmkload_mod migrate You will get a message saying Module migrate loaded successfully. Then you need

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